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Church Landing Farm Museum

Items from the Gift Shop
Stories of Lower Penn's Neck$10.00
Fond Memories$20.00
Love in the Park-On Sale!$10.00
Silver Grove Hotel$5.00
Map, Riverview Beach Park$3.00
Post Cards (sepia) 8 cards$3.00
Note Paper, 12 cards$5.00
Park DVD$18.00

Special Work Party-Help Needed

Don Walton is organizing a Work Party to focus on Outside Projects. Some of the projects require particular skills and some require no special skills – just a willingness to come out and pick up sticks, pull some weeks, push a broom or do a little painting. Check your e-mail for details of upcoming work.


Ken & Wini Coney-Land map of the Clancy Farm, present day Valley Park School. Two placemats, one of Lower Penns Neck Township and the other is a 1965 picture of the City National Bank in Pennsville.
Catherine Antonik-Book-“The Story of Lower Penns Neck” (A Note to Third Grade Boys & Girls of L.P.N.), written in September, 1962 by Mary Sanderlin, principal of Deepwater School. Book- “Lutheranism & Anglicanism in Colonial New Jersey” 1988.
Martha Rogers-Caned one of our kitchen chairs for the Historical Society.
Eleanor Zane-Stand-up Christmas paper ornament with: Deepwater Amoco Service, U.S. No. 130 & New Plant St., Deepwater, New Jersey.
Joseph H.L. Garrison-Booklet on the Garrison Family Genealogy, “The Garrisons from Autuxit.”
Tom & Ruth Dwyer-Call box from the Pennsville Police Department and a wooden police plaque designed by Tom Dwyer and painted by John Bischoff.
Pennsville Library-Pennsville Memories, Pennsville Circa 1913, South Jersey Magazine, map of the park by Grace Cummings, booklet on Chambers Works 75th anniversary, a drawing by Ann Page, pictures of Fort Mott, brochures of Fort Delaware, and a term paper “Riverview Beach Amusement Park” by Bonnie J. Turner.
Joe Bowen-Photos of St. George’s Church, and John Hathaway in uniform, Sixth Grade Promotion Exercises from June 4, 1959, 50th anniversary of the Deepwater Fire Company, annual report by Atlantic City Electric, map of Chambers Works (1985), dictionary (1925), and five wooden and light-switch paintings by Helen Messick.

Outstanding Women Athletes

On Sunday, March 11 at the spring reopening of our museum, we had a feature exhibit for Women’s History Month. To spotlight some of the exceptional women in our community, we invited Pollie Townsend and Anna Rush's daughter Anne Kirby to talk about their experiences in the Senior Olympics.
In 1992, at the age of 70, Pollie Townsend began competing in the N.J. State Senior Olympics. In 1996 she competed in swimming events, shot put, basketball foul shooting, softball, and throwing for accuracy events and was ultimately awarded a Governor’s Cup, the only one given to a female senior citizen.
Prior to entering the 1997 National Senior Olympics Pollie had earned 46 gold medals, and 8 silver medals in the NJ Senior Olympic. In 1997 she participated in the National Senior Olympics as well as several state Senior Olympic competitions. In the 2003 NJ State Olympics she won 6 gold medals, 3 for swimming and 3 for track and field, and was inducted into the Salem County Sports Hall of Fame.
Anna Rush and Pollie Townsend were friends and trained together at the YMCA. Anna was a gold and silver medalist in the 2010 NJ Senior Olympics. She enjoyed race walking and running. Anna passed away in 2011 at age 83 and is fondly remembered by her daughter Anne Kirby.

25th Anniversary

The Pennsville Township Historical Society will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary next year in 2012!

20th Anniversary

Church Landing Farm Museum will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, June 13, 2012. Renovations to the museum took over one year, with the help of Atlantic Electric and numerous members of the Society. Our devoted members have always supported our motto, which is "Preserving Yesterday for Tomorrow". This is very visible as you realize the growth we have made over the years, considering that the only building on the grounds was the museum. Counting the gazebo, we have added seven buildings to the grounds since 1992.

Floating Fishing Cabin

We are so pleased to have received the donation of a Floating Fishing Cabin. This cabin is from the late 1800’s and was handed down in the family of Charles Weiser, a Pennsville resident. The cabin was given to Earle McCartney by Mr. Weiser. I had never heard of such a thing and am very anxious to learn more about its history and the importance of fishing cabins in Salem County.

It was quite an experience watching the cabin being moved so graciously by Patriot Contractors of Pennsville. I though they would never get it up on the truck bed. After an hour and a half the cabin was finally loaded and secured on the flatbed. It was a beautiful day as we watched John Wilson and Stephen Williams put all their muscle and determination into the project. We had the easy part!

The cabin needs some work but we are up to the challenge. We will have it open for Farm Day and Earle will be on hand to talk about it. More to follow about the history of Floating Fishing Cabins and their place in Salem County History.

New Members for 2012

John Acton Pennsville NJ
Nancy E Applegate Greenwich NJ
Denise Blum-Krough Pennsville NJ
Jack Catanio West Chester PA
Brian Cummings Pennsville NJ
Howard & Virginia Davis Salem NJ
John Disantis Pennsville NJ
Ruth Dwyer Wilmington DE
Jeff & Tammy Elwell Pennsville NJ
Karen & Mark Freed Pennsville NJ
Donald & Janet Guthrie PennsGrove NJ
Frank & Helen Gwalthney Woodbury NJ
Stanley & Vonnie Kite Pennsville NJ
Charles Litvin West Chester PA
Jane Maltman Pennsville NJ
Frank & Mary Maurer Pennsville NJ
Louise & John Moore Summerfield FL
Mr & Mrs Luke Patrick Jr Mannington NJ
Jack & Barbara Press Pennsville NJ
Mark & Kim Sassi Pennsville NJ
Marge Slack Burke VA
Carol Smith Pennsville NJ
Kathleen Starcevich Pennsville NJ
Jeff & Nancy Thomas Pennsville NJ
Donna VonAhnen-Dillon Bear DE
Natalie Wolffbrandt Pennsville NJ
Julie Wyshinski Pennsville NJ

St. Georges Church

St. George's Church will be celebrating 300 years in 2014. If you have something of interest connected with our Swedish history, please call Grace Alliegro.

History Room

We were busy last month celebrating Women's History Month and we are presently working on a book about our local merchants.

Riverview Beach Photos

The Society is looking for old photos from people who came down to our beaches from Philadelphia, Wilmington, and surrounding areas during the early days of the Park. The photos could be those of visitors, or of any permanent residence along the river.

Historic South Jersey

 Grace Alliegro

Early Newspapers

New Jersey did not have newspapers in the early days. Since the cities of New York and Philadelphia were so near, New Jersey people read the newspapers of those cities. During the Revolutionary War, the people of New Jersey were eager to read news of the war. Governor Livingston wanted New Jersey to have a newspaper. The first paper was started in 1777. It was called the “New Jersey Gazette” and was printed in Burlington. Before this time, New Jersey had only a wall newspaper. News was written by hand on large sheets of paper. Then these papers were put on the side of buildings like Mather Potter’s Inn in Bridgeton. This was like the notices on the bulletin board at school. People came to town and read the news on the side of the building. Then they talked about the news appearing on this outdoor wall, just as we discuss daily news today.

Did you Know…….
• One hundred years ago President William Howard Taft, candidate for re-election in 1912, spoke from the rear platform of his train as it stopped along the campaign trail at the Woodstown Station.
• Mannington Township originally contained 28,000 acres. At first the township was called East Fenwick and received its present name from the Indian word “Maneto.”

Fort Mott Historical Background

1838-Land purchased for Battery at Finns' Point
1872-U.S. Army Engineers began building earthworks.
1878-Two (2) eight inch rifles were mounted. No troops were stationed there.. Earthworks with traces of gun mount and powder magazine are located north, near range-finder tower.
1896-On the eve of the Spanish-American War, work began on two batteries with continuous parapet; (1) Battery Harker, named for Brigadier General Charles C. Harker, who was killed at the Battle Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia, June 22, 1863. (2) Battery Arnold, named for Lieutenant Colonel Lewis G. Arnold, who served with the Mexican and Florida Wars and in the War of the Rebellion. He died Sept. 22, 1871.
1897-Dec 14th, Fourth Artillery troops arrived from Washington Barracks. Dec 16th, Battery designated Fort Mott, in honor of Major General Gersham Mott of Burlington, NJ who served with distinction.
Second Lieutenant in the Tenth Infantry with the Mexican War, Lieutenant Colonel in 5th NJ Volunteers in 1861, Brigadier General in 6th NJ Volunteers in 1862, and Major General in 1865. He was wounded four times and resigned in 1866, and died Nov 29, 1884.
1901 and 1902-Battery Krayenbuhl, named for Captain Maurice G. Krayenbuhl who was killed in action March 26, 1899, Meyconayan, Philippine Islands.
1902-December 2nd, Three inch rapid fire guns were mounted on the right and left flank of Battery Krayenbuhl. Named Battery Edwards in honor of Captain Robert Edwards, who was killed in action near Frenchtown, Michigan on Jan 22, 1813.
1905-December, Battery Gregg, named for John C. Gregg, who was killed in action at Mariquana, Philippine Islands, March 31, 1899.
1917-July, Guns dismounted from Battery Harker; made ready for shipping to Canada.
1918-November, Number of troops reduced at the fort.
1924-September, Fort placed on partial activity basis.
1951-June, Area dedicated as a State park.